Thursday, 24 December 2009

Sports writing project

Last week I began a new project supporting six Creative Writing students from Bath Spa University to work in partnership with four coaching students from the University of Bath to deliver sports writing sessions to young people aged 11 – 14 yrs in schools in Bath. The students are developing work initiated by the Write Team (Bath Festivals) and broadcaster and writer David Goldblatt, exploring how creative writing in schools can develop pupil’s confidence. The students are also being supported by Greg Sharpe from the University of Bath and Emma Metcalfe from the Write Team. Sessions in schools will begin in February 2010.

The project will include an evening inset session for teachers led by David Goldblatt at Watershed. As well as a Sports Writing Day’ for pupils and teachers led by David Goldblatt at Watershed in May 2010.

The students we're working with are really enthusiastic. They have loads of great ideas for how they can personalise the sessions and I'm really looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

BBC West Sports Awards 2009

On 6 December Tim Vyner, Anthony Head, Marhaba Mujahid and Peter Critchley from Bath Spa University’s School of Art and Design put on light projections at the BBC West Sports Awards at the University of Bath. The projections were based on sporting illustrations by artist Tim Vyner, inspired by his trip to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. They were on display near the event entrance and inside the VIP area. 1020 people attended the event in total (800 members of the public and 220 VIPs).

Furthermore 13 Bath Spa University student volunteers worked at the event as part of the behind the scenes crew, helping everything to run smoothly. They took on a variety of roles including operations and preparing the venue, car park management, security, ticketing, backstage production, liaising with press and media and looking after VIPs.

It was a great event and we really hope to be involved again next year.

The Celluloid Games: a season of sport themed films during Bath Film Festival

Congratulations to the Celluloid Games student team

Our team of four student volunteers from Bath Spa University have successfully completed their RELAYS volunteer placements with Bath Film Festival, which ran for seven months from June to December 2009. All the students demonstrated a very high level of commitment, attending at least twelve project meetings, two events and four film screenings. They also took individual responsibility for a number of project related tasks which they performed in their own time. Each student devoted more than 60 hours of their time to volunteering on the project and will receive a well-deserved Gold Certificate in Volunteering Achievement signed by the Vice Chancellor of Bath Spa University.

Ana, Elspeth, Gemma and Jet - thanks very much, it's been a real pleasure working with you.

In a few months time I'll be meeting up with the film festival team to start planning the project for 2010. We've learnt a lot this year and really looking forward to the second time around!